L.A.H. Entertainment, founded by Pimp'N Ken, propelled into the music arena and quickly raised the bar with their music video "We Here Now." L.A.H. sought not only to show the world that they are here to stay, but they are an elite multimedia company, providing top quality music and visuals to the fans.

L.A.H. Entertainment released their debut album entitled "760 Musik" on July 2, 2011 and turned the heat up for the summer with the smash lead hits "Single 4 Da Night" and "Work Out." Then they followed up with their second album entitled "Resurresction" on January 2, 2012 showing their diversity with smashing hits like "Move" an uptempo cross over song, "Worth It" a R&B joint dedicated to the ladies, and " Pull Up & Show Out" to keep it streetz!! Now working on their third complilation album/mixtape entitled "ATL'S FINEST(PRODUCERS EDITION)" fans and supporters will be be blessed with music from: MikeWillMadeIt, Sonny Digital, K.E.OnTheTrack, EnsayneWayne, D-Rich, and legendary Shawty Redd. New singles "Hate On" ft. Shawty Redd and "Betta Way"(If I Should Die) ft. 2chainz are already in heavy rotation around the globe!

L.A.H. Entertainment and family sets the bar high once again with the release of their new EP, entitled “#8onRepeat”. The 8 song “repeat” worthy 5th studio album, features the hit single, “All The Way”, featuring QZdamusiqman, Pimp"N, Mr. Miami Live, and Shableek on the saxophone.

With 4 albums and 1 EP currently available across all digital outlets - L.A.H. Entertainment continues to bring together their family of A-List heavyweight producers, featuring Zaytoveen and a host of others. L.A.H. has previously worked with multiplatinum music producers such as Sonny Digital, MikeWill, Shawty Redd, Bizness Boi and a host of other great talent like V12 The Hitman, Auditory, Damusiqman, SM Trax and Chin Cilla.

L.A.H. prides itself on delivering compilations of production hit makers, meshing with some of the best in the Carolinas vocal talent with the likes of Teeny Barrino, Dee Dray, Leesha Baby, QZ, Jonez, Drumma SC, Mr. Popular, Sha, Numeral III, Mr. 704, Lil, PK and Amie with Pimp'N.

With its diverse roster of artists and songwriters, L.A.H. is on the fast track to show and prove that they are a force to be reckoned with and have the talent to provide great music, consistency and longevity to the game.

L.A.H. Entertainment is a multimedia entertainment company, which will supply profitable audio and visual entertainment to a diverse, consumer group. L.A.H. is committed to the belief that quality entertainment can be realized without compromising commercial appeal. L.A.H. was designed to promote higher standards in the entertainment industry by allowing local artists, models, actors, etc., the ability to promote their skills on a professional level at reasonable rates.