09/17/2017 0

Malibu Brandi

Malibu BrandiArtist/Model Up and coming musical force Malibu Brandi, originally from Queens, NY, now residing in Charlotte, NC, hits the scene with her up tempo, sassy, petty single, “#BIGPETTY.” Malibu Brandi aka Brandi Kay has been in the industry for years; now taking her talent from being in front of the cameras to being in the recording booth and being featured in music videos. It’s safe to say that her influence comes from the stars. Be on the lookout for more creative, upbeat and sensual tunes from Malibu! Malibu Brandi is an independent stock broker. She is also a stock coach at The Coin Factory where she helps like-minded individuals meet their financial goals by assisting them with free stock picks with support and resistance level data. Her love of helping people and bringing positive energy into the universe is unmatched.
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